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Reading the Constitution

January 16, 2011
Sam Blumenfeld

The senseless and horrific killings in Tucson on January 9 by a demented young man have diverted the nation’s attention from the positive changes taking place in Washington and focused it on liberals clamoring to muzzle conservative talk shows. Even the sheriff in Pima County used this tragic occasion to accuse Rush Limbaugh of aiding and abetting the killer, whose friend told a reporter that the killer did not listen to talk radio. Indeed, the massacre gave the liberals a golden opportunity to once more lash out against conservatives and call for silencing their programs. Sarah Palin referred to the attacks on her as  “blood liable.” 

But President Obama was wise enough to lower the liberal rhetoric by his moving speech at the Memorial Service in Tucson. He gained many points for himself by speaking about the victims, their lives, the acts of courage and heroism, the loss of precious people, and the need for us to become better Americans. The unintended implication is that we need to improve ourselves so that our society will produce fewer madmen shooting up innocent citizens.

Of course, there will always be madmen, and law enforcement agencies can’t protect us from them until after they commit their crimes. That is why we need an armed citizenry, to do the work of prevention that the government can’t do. The devil is not a madman. Satan is not insane. That is why evil is so difficult to control.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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