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Jewish War Veterans; Please Withdraw Your Lawsuit on Mt. Soledad

January 8, 2011
Jerry McConnell

Anti-Christian ACLU

I can’t believe that the national organization of Jewish War Veterans, represented by the despicable anti-Christian ACLU, has formally protested the presence of a memorial cross that has been on Mount Soledad near San Diego, CA for 37 years.  They are not acting like American war veterans but more in fact like they are Muslim war veterans who oppose ANYTHING they don’t like, whether it is particularly harmful to them or not.

Most of America supports all memorial recognition symbols when they are placed to honor our brave and giving of self war veterans.  The cold-hearted person who finds fault with this very proper sign of thanks from the country for those who sacrificed the utmost for their country, should examine themselves for a colossal lack of care for others and a selfish uncaring attitude towards men who gave their lives for America, regardless of their religious beliefs.

I am not aware of the identities or religious beliefs of all of the veterans interred at that site,  but it really shouldn’t matter as the intent of the placing of the cross has been a United States way of asking God to watch over and care for these warriors who gave their lives to help preserve our country. 

It further irritates me to think that by placing a marker of respect and brotherly love for those brave souls would be interpreted as ‘establishing a religion’ under the foolishly mis-used and mis-interpreted “separation of church and state” doctrine. 

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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