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Reid Will Open January Senate Session With a Power Grab Attempt

January 2, 2011
Jerry McConnell

Reid’s Rules Scheme to Rewrite Defeat

If American citizens needed more proof that Harry Reid, the scumbag Senator of the once-proud state of Nevada, but which now should hang its collective head for voting Reid back into the United States Senate, his latest nasty venture for unbridled power should provide that validation.

Not satisfied that he got the Lame Duck Congress to pass more “gawd-awful” legislation such as Don’t Ask -Don’t Tell authorization to turn our mighty military forces into “wusses-in-boots” and the START Treaty that makes the world’s strongest country’s arsenal look more like a third world tin-hat dictatorship where the bow and arrow will be its most formidable weapon, he wants even more. 

Those two pieces of woe-begone terrible laws alone should be enough for Obama to convince the corrupt rulers of the United Nations, George Soros and the Bilderberg Group, that we are more ready than ever for a takeover. 

Imagine our frontline forces armed with perfume sodden hankies and wearing pink tams; our Green Berets replaced by the Pink Tams; our Leathernecks replaced by silky neck scarves, and you have an idea of the fearless assault our troops will wreak on an unsuspecting enemy, providing that country is the size of Liechtenstein. 

Getting back to the horror show that Majority Leader Reid is planning to conduct by gathering his forces when first they formally meet early in January for organizational purposes.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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