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I Could Be Wrong….But….

January 2, 2011
Via email …..

My Dear Friends in Freedom and in the Defense of Liberty:

From video and written statements – aka – evidence (google Russell Pearce), our infamous AZ State Senator, Russell Pearce appears to be taking a “BASTARDIZED” stand in support of the 14th Amendment and the Rule of Law by insisting that the illegal alien children born of illegal alien parents who are now present in the USA should be able to keep their “citizenship” status – RETROACTIVELY – even while he insists that he is a firm advocate of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  He isn’t seeking the full and absolute enforcement of the Constitution or the Rule of Law….he is seeking a REVISED version of justice that still rewards decades of wrong doing!!  Wrong doing that will continue to adversely impact the future of our children and this nation as the evidence of today is now showing in our communities, our schools, our courts, our voter rolls and in the political attitudes our Federal, State and Local governments and elected officials.  Appeasement and pandering seem to be the rule of law and the wishes and the will of the American people be damned!!

Such a position IS NOT consistent with the Constitution or the Rule of Law and flies in the face of his public pronouncements that he is 100% loyal to the Constitution and to the original intent of the 14th Amendment.  His position is nothing more than tacit support for AMNESTY – and like so many other pandering politicians, he wants to have it both ways!!

If indeed he believes that the 14th Amendment has been grossly misinterpreted and that the authors did not intend to grant blanket citizenship to children of Diplomats, aliens, foreigners, etc., then the intent still applies to this day.  And, if one wishes to believe that the Supreme Court decision of the late 1800’s was correct (which it wasn’t) in granting citizenship to a Chinese child simply because the parents were here legally, then so be it, but, remember that we are considering the validity of their argument based upon the premise that the 14th Amendment is a blanket AMNESTY for anyone and everyone – legal or otherwise present in our nation.  Supreme courts have been wrong before as have Federal, State and Local legislative bodies – and in the case of the 14th Amendment and its well-framed original intent, those who seek blanket amnesty are wrong as well!!

The intent of the 14th Amendment as originally constructed, did not allow for citizenship to be granted to children of diplomats, aliens, foreigners….and at the time, Indians.  Whether a child is born in the USA of legal or illegal aliens./foreign nationals….they are barred from being granted Citizenship.  Why?  Because in every case, they have no ties or sense of loyalty to this nation; they remain citizens and nationals of their own nation and they are, by their own National Constitution….citizens of their parents country to which their parents are subject to the jurisdiction thereof.  Inasmuch as this is the case and the fact that we do not recognize, nor do we grant….dual citizenship (see the Naturalization Act and Oath), they cannot, by our Constitution and Laws and by the constitution and the laws of their parents country of citizenship….be granted U.S. Citizenship.

So, I could be wrong….but, the evidence and the original intent of our Constitution stands in direct opposition to that which our politicians would like to do re the issue of birthright citizenship as it applies to legal and illegal alien children born of legal and illegal alien parents on the soil of the USA.  To allow anyone to  “BASTARDIZE” the 14th Amendment for the sake of ethnic, racial or political correctness is a terrible wrong that tears at the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic.  No matter how well intended their actions may appear to be, the very idea of undermining the integrity and the foundations of our most sacred of sacred documents is reprehensible at the very least.

Senator Pearce needs to explain his position more clearly before he commits the citizens of this State and this Nation to a path of action that will end in appeasement for a few….and a cultural, social and Constitutional disaster for our Republic.

No matter how he may label his proposed legislation, if it grants RETROACTIVE citizenship to children born in the USA of legal or illegal alien foreign born parents….he is proposing AMNESTY!!  If this is his way of showing true and faithful allegiance to the Constitution as he purports to do, then he is no better than those who oppose the Rule of Law while demanding that AMNESTY is their Constitutional Right.

We have a right to know where our elected representatives stand and just how much they are going to “sell us out” in the name of the Constitution and the Rule of Law for political gain.

Happy New Year.

Michael J. Bruning

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  1. January 3, 2011 2:30 am

    See Health and Welfare in it tells exactly what the founders meant by citizenship. It is a blood line right they demanded be kept in the colonies and the new nation of the USA. By blood line they meant the right to pass on their citizenship as a natural right to their children’s. Hence only citizen parent can give birth to a natural citizen.

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