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Recession silver lining

January 2, 2011
Brasscheck TV

“We can’t afford to poison our citizens any more”

In certain jurisdictions, the criminal-moron-public officials who have been putting fluoride into public water supplies are running out of money to do so.

Eighteen water systems in Alabama alone have stopped the practice.

One small town alone, Red Bay, Alabama, was spending over $50,000 a year on the practice.

Fluoride is a highly toxic industrial by-product that cannot be safely disposed of economically.

So, after WW II, with the help of the good people at the “National Institutes of Dental Research” (the “mercury in your mouth is good for you” people), US industry took a page from the Nazis who started the practice with the water supplies of “undesirable” people and manufactured the “science” needed to add it to the US water supplies as a “public service.”

The fact that some local governments are giving up on the practice is good news.

On the other hand, maybe Homeland Security will give these little towns grants to put it back in, you know, some economic stimulus to help keep everybody safe.

Thanks to for pointing out that some towns in America are finally – after over 50 years of protest – turning the fluoride spit off.

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