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Letter To AZ State Senator – Russell Pearce With cc To Immigration Organizations Et Al

December 30, 2010
Via email …..



Although Senator Russell Pearce of Arizona has been in the forefront of drafting, proposing and passing legislation as it relates to the problems of illegal immigration in Arizona, I am in the process of sending this email letter that addresses the disgust and the distaste that I and others have for his recent announcement (Neil Cavuto Show on Wednesday – 12/29/10) that he intends to hold a Press Conference in the next week or so at the National Press Club – along with representatives from 18 other States – that establishes the framework for legislation that would address the issue of “anchor babies” – aka – automatic birthright citizenship as it relates to the original intent of the 14th Amendment.

It isn’t his arguments that are distressing, or even the fact that he is taking steps to officially oppose the long held misinterpretations of the 14th amendment.  No!  What is most distressing and offensive is the fact that he purposely left out many individuals and organizations that would have liked to be included in “his” plans – and specifically the only organization that has been championing this specific issue for more than 5 years – even when the likes of Senator Pearce and the Minutemen and NumbersUSA and FAIR and ALIPAC and others phoo-phooed the idea.  Those of us who have been involved with Mothers Against Illegal Aliens – aka – Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty have always supported the notion that ANCHOR BABY BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP violates the intent of the 14th Amendment and that the political pandering by elected officials at the Federal, State and Local levels only served to lend credibility to the arguments of those who sought and still seek – BLANKET AMNESTY!!

Senator Pearce and his “friends”, once dismissive of the position of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty, now want to wrap themselves in what they believe is a new found issue of some import.  However, this rush to get national publicity, absent the input and the support of the voting populace, only serves to demonstrate how self-serving and political this issue is and will become as politicians jump on the bandwagon of political rewards.

I am especially offended by Senator Pearce’s obvious plagiaristic creativity, as well as his breast beating, back slapping self- congratulatory rhetoric as witnessed on Fox News on the 29th.  One would think that he was the sole participant in the immigration endeavors thus far passed in Arizona, but he is confused.  He is but one person among many responsible for the successes and the few failures that have thus far been recorded.  Yet, for all of his sanctimonious bragging – he has taken aggressive stands re the problems of illegal immigration, when others far more suited have faltered when confronted by the political challenges that such issues can raise.

Senator Pearce was not elected to serve himself first for whatever political gain can or will come out of such a unilateral effort.  He was elected to be the representative for the people whom he serves and for those others who reside in Arizona.  In this instance, a surprise Press Conference re ANCHOR BABY AUTOMATIC BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP, before the National Press Club in the very near future, exclusive of any input whatsoever of organizations such as Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty, is an affront to every person who has participated in any immigration legislation passed in Arizona over the past 5 to 6 years.

When Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty was raising BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP AND THE 14TH AMENDMENT as issues that needed to be dealt with – years ago, Senator….then State Representative….Pearce was barely interested, if at all.  Like so many others involved in the many immigration related problems like the Border and E-Verify, etc., BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP was at the bottom of the list of concerns, if on the list at all.  Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty, from its very beginning, led the way on this issue and has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews and has given many addresses at meetings and conferences across the USA.  Likewise, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty participated in numerous local protests, rally’s and public functions, as well as in places like California, Chicago, Washington, D.C., personally meeting with the media and Congressional Leaders on this very subject.  Needless to say, the list concerning the public exposure that Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty….via its founder and President – Michelle Dallacroce, has given to this very topic is long and consistent.

Senator Pearce deserves to be positively recognized for his faithfulness and activism when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration.  However, in this instance, he needs to be reminded that his apparent and secretive deliberate EXCLUSION of any input from the “grassroots” has not earned him any cudo’s and his surprise announcement that he will be going Public with some form of proposal, without any input from the frontline organizations that are intimately “tied” to this particular issue, is inexcusable, if not reprehensible.

We can ill afford to allow a single politician take charge of an issue that has adversely impacted our nation for so long, especially one that ignored the evidence and the arguments not so very long ago.  Indeed, he may see himself as a leader on this issue, but his flawed approach certainly will do nothing to ensure that he will receive the kind of solidarity he hopes to achieve.  Real leadership in a representative government means that the electorate is included in the process of governing.  In this respect, Senator Pearce, for whatever reason, abandoned this rule.

An email to him by you would be much appreciated.  Perhaps your comments may bring him and other politicians back down to earth.  They all must be sent the message that they may very well cast the vote in this representative government, but they certainly aren’t going to get away with making the rules all by themselves….without our input.

Regardless of your view as it concerns your relationaship to/with Senator Pearce …. personalities are not at issue here.  What is at issue is the message from the voter to the representative.  No more “cloak and dagger” tactics.  No more “political tricks.”  The day of the smoke filled backroom deals is over!!  Either the voice and the wisdom of the people count for something….or politicians need to find another line of work!!  Government by politicians to the exclusion of the voters does not and will not work any longer!!

Thank you all and Happy New Year.

Michael J. Bruning
Sr. Federal Manager, Retired
FAX:  480-354-1726
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