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Another Tea Party Battle – Get Our Language Back!

December 20, 2010
Thomas D. Segel

If people think about our language at all, Christmas would be the time when the topic would be foremost in our minds. It is always during this special time of the year that our friends in the American Civil Liberties Union show their true colors and make threats to bring litigation into play for any who decide to write, speak or sing about this holy day in any public arena.

We can see the fear this organization manages to inject into American hearts by the fact that “Happy Holidays”, as a greeting, has replaced “Merry Christmas” among many individuals, organizations and businesses. It does not seem to matter that Christmas has been a national legal holiday since signed into law by President U. S. Grant in 1870. A large segment of this country seems to fear uttering the word “Christmas”.

George Orwell nailed the fear in his 1949 novel titled “Nineteen Eighty Four”. In that story the government has established a new language designed to help control the population. It is called Newspeak. The basic idea of the language was to remove all shades of meaning from words and make it easier for the government to rule.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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