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Prelude to dictatorship: next they’re coming after your access to the internet

December 20, 2010
Wes Vernon

The rejected, tone-deaf leftists in Washington, clinging to their last hours of congressional power, have attempted (with mixed results) to do everything possible to strike back at the voters who dared to hand them pink slips last month at the polls.

The “lame ducks” have taken issues that are necessary to avoid tax hikes and government shutdowns, and larded them with outrageous pork. They succeeded with the bill in which — while kicking and screaming — they allowed job creators — most of them small businesses — to control investment money. But the discredited lawmakers failed when they tried to slather their wish-list of earmarks onto the bill that was aimed at avoiding a government shutdown.

Meanwhile, the radical Marxist move to increase government control of your life has continued apace in D.C.’s regulatory precincts.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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