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Agenda 21 UN: The History of Sustainable Development – Connecting the Dots

December 15, 2010
Donna J. Holt

Agenda 21, Private Property and National Sovereignty

If you think Agenda 21 is just a conspirarcy theory, I assure you it is not. I, too, once thought this was too incredible to believe and dismissed it as conspiracy theory. but it kept coming to me in different ways; i.e. folks who had attended local government meetings on land use, local commissioners for planning and zoning confronted with a so-called consensus of the community that threatened private property, and many other ways.

That is why I have dedicated the past six months to researching the United Nations policies in Agenda 21 that have been adopted by every level of government in our nation. The information I am providing you is the result of my extensive research to connect the dots to what is happening in my own community.

If we don’t mobilize on this issue, we have no chance of stopping it and America will be completely and permanently transformed. Private property will be abolished and all sovereignty will be lost.

You are about to learn how “sustainable development” was born and how it is being implemented all across America.

The concept of sustainable development arose after the 1974 United Nations adoption of a Declaration for the establishment of a “New International Economic Order” .

The document was written by developing countries and called for:

  • The regulation of multi-national Corporations
  • Authority to nationalize foreign property
  • Authority to establish commodity monopolies
  • The transfer of technology and technical assistance

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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