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Illegal aliens driving us headlong toward a major crash: kick them out now

December 7, 2010
Kevin “Coach” Collins

A new Census Bureau report outlining the damage illegal aliens are doing to our economy titled “Immigration and Economic Stagnation: An Examination of Trends 2000 to 2010,” paints a compelling picture. It suggests that we can not let the recent exodus of illegal aliens fool us. The illegal alien problem is not getting better merely because some of them have gone home. They still present a serious threat to the employment stability of the nation. 

During the 1990s the number of new jobs we created reached 21 million. Since we were absorbing “only” 12.1 million illegals the problem appeared to be more regional (California and the Southwest) than we now recognize it to be. 

While the Obama recession and raising public awareness of the problem have reduced the number of illegals in our country by about one million in recent months, the past ten years have seen a net increase of 12.1 million of these unwanted intruders. In the same period our economy gained just one million jobs which explains the financial bind we are in today.

Some of the findings of the report include:

In just 2008 and 2009 we lost 8.2 million jobs and 2.4 million legal and illegal aliens entered the country which ratcheted up the problem and gave it a more national proportion.

Although the past decade saw little change in the number of legal immigrants, the 10.3 million “legals” that did enter via the “green card” path were still the highest ten year influx in our history. 

Legal and illegal immigration is no longer a function of economic conditions.

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