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WikiLeaks’ Marketing Strategy: A Stroke of Genius

December 6, 2010
Gary North

To understand what WikiLeaks has done, we must understand economic cause and effect. Let us begin with a comparable market: the market for gambling.

Governments have laws against gambling. Why? The justification is moral principles. This reason is less persuasive, once the government sets up state lotteries and also licenses taxable gambling, such as horse racing. The real reason is the governments want to monopolize the vice. They expect greater tax revenues.

Governments arrest bookies. But bookies are merely providers of the service. The source of demand is the individual gambler: the guy who is placing the bets. The infrastructure that delivers the service is surely basic to the process, but it is the individual citizen who is the prime mover. Why? He is paying for it.

Want to understand the process? Follow the money. It ends with the customer.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    December 7, 2010 3:03 pm

    Did the Obama government skip grammar school history?

    Historically the more a government tries to censor information from its people, the more Citizens want to read and learn about it. If our alleged government for and by the people censor/shutdown free speech on the Internet, shutdown free dissemination of information online—because they don’t want truths known, even by their government employees; that could build a wave of anger in Americans similar to that mounted against early Kings and Queens of Europe, e.g. France—potentially triggering revolt. The Obama government appears intended to dictate what Americans can read online; dictate how Americans think, dictate how we behave. Obama, Americans are not cattle that government can herd at will, Americans are born rebels and won’t shut-up because you tell them to.

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