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More Reid DREAM Act – More Costs to Taxpayers

December 5, 2010
Jerry McConnell

Oh how they dress this fat, ugly sow up to look like a runway model; but this model is, unlike Obama’s government dealings, very transparent and full of killer costs.

According to Stephen Clark’s December 02, 2010 online article, “DREAM Act Would Cost Taxpayers $6.2 BILLION Per Year…“per the Center for Immigration Studies.  That’s where the problem begins.  It gets worse when all the facts are uncovered; facts that Democrat supporters of the Act, led by Senator Harry Reid, D-NV are not making public and hoping they will stay below the radar undetected.

One interesting note from a report of Phoenix, AZ on December 03, 2010, “Cops: Smuggled Kids Found at Ariz. House” states that 11 juveniles were “rescued” Thursday from a drop house and three suspected human smuggler were taken into custody.

It should be pretty obvious where I am going with this bit of information; but to be up front, I think this is one of the first moves to start pouring young kids across the border into the United States to be recipient of the DREAM Act legislation mentioned above.

The $6.2 billion per year of costs for this atrocious piece of legislation was just the estimate covering the illegal children already in this country, but these children will beget hundreds, thousands and millions more because not only will those under 35 years of age get multiple benefits from it, but the potential for those children to be able to sponsor their other relatives until the country is overrun with unwanted hordes of foreigners, along with the illegals that pour across the border almost unmolested thanks to Obama.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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