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Our Country Is Fine But The Government Is Broken

December 3, 2010
J. R. Dieckmann

The problem we face is not a lack of good ideas to fix the economy, create jobs, and solve the problems facing our nation. The problem is that the current administration refuses to consider those ideas that would be effective in putting America back on the right track.

As far as the Soros-Obama administration is concerned, America is on the right track. And from their point of view, they are right. Capitalism is being crushed to pave the way for George Soros’ goal of global socialism. He has stated in interviews that the only thing now standing in his way is American capitalism which he intends to destroy if he can.

We can’t have incompetent, out of touch, bureaucrats in Washington with no private business experience dictating how businesses should be run. Some of them don’t even understand where these policies are taking the country, but continue to be loyal comrades to the party. Politicians, for the past two years, have been voting for legislative bills – written by Soros’ organizations – without reading them first or understanding what they mean for the country.

The federal government was neither created to run the country nor to control the economy. It was created to represent the country in areas where the individual states could not. These include areas such as foreign policy; national security and defense; immigration; border security; monetary, copyright, and standards of measure; interstate highways; a postal system; and uniform interstate commerce. Federal government today seems to think its job is to run the country and the economy, the Constitution be damned. Major changes are needed if we’re going to save our country from global socialism and liberal progressive ruin.

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