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Ignore PC and Go After The Bad Guys

November 30, 2010
Lloyd Marcus

Everyone is outraged and extremely frustrated by the infringement on our freedom by the TSA pat downs and full body scans at airports. Even more frustrating is that we all know the common sense solution to the problem of terrorists at airports. Profiling.

It has been said, “Don’t let the inmates run the asylum”. This is exactly what we are doing when we allow a handful of PC (Political Correctness) nuts to dictate our behavior; ordering us to ignore common sense solutions and play their “let’s not offend anyone” ridiculous PC games.

Profiling is common sense. As a black man, if I find myself in the midst of a group of white guys with shaved heads and covered in swastikas and white power tattoos, profiling them, it would probably be unwise to quote a line from the movie, Blazing Saddles, “Where the white women at?”

Years ago in Maryland, early in the morning, in a mostly white upscale neighborhood, residents saw two black youths dressed in gangster attire walking their streets. The black youths obviously looked out of place. And yet, authorities were not alerted because the white residents did not want to appear racist profiling black males.

The two black youths hijacked a mom’s car, drug her several feet as she attempted to save her toddler which they threw out of the window. Common sense profiling would have prevented this horrific incident.

All, I repeat “ALL”, terrorist attacks have been committed by Middle Eastern men between the ages of 18 and 40. And yet, we can not profile these people. Instead, TSA agents are being forced to border molesting nuns, seniors and children.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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