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All Naked Chickens Step Between These Boots

November 30, 2010
Joseph A Olson, PE

When Joseph Stalin first consolidated his grip on the Russian military he was still faced with a large defiant population.  This dictator gathered his generals in a room and explained his plans for total control of the still proud Russian people.  After explaining, several generals who were brave enough to question this totalitarian, asked how the military was going to force submission.

Dear Uncle Joe ordered a live chicken to be brought to the conference room and proceeded to pluck every feather from the still live bird.  Naturally the chicken was unhappy about this overt invasion of his privacy, but chicken squawks are seldom noticed.  When the bird was completely stripped, Uncle Joe said, “Now watch this”.

Stalin stood in an area where all of his generals had a clear view and placed the chicken on the floor.  One would think that the instant that this naked bird could flee there would be a mad dash for the exit or farthest corner of the room.  The stunned generals watched as this chicken huddled between Stalin’s boots.  Uncle Joe walked around the room with the chicken in his shadow.  At every stop the naked bird jumped between the dictator’s boots.

“That gentlemen, is how I will control the Russian people” Stalin bellowed to remove any remaining doubt.  Realizing they had a very large chicken to pluck these generals set about their task.  Thirty million beaten, starved or murdered ‘chicken feathers’ later the naked Russian survivors of this purge huddled between Uncle Joe’s boots.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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