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Wikileaks: Will the Truth Make Us Free Again?

November 30, 2010
Ron Holland

Although these leaks are a first step toward controlling Washington foreign policy, they do show how incremental actions providing open information can counter the Anglo-American foreign and domestic policies which have brought the world right to the edge of another Middle East war.

I join with real conservatives not the false neocon war advocates hoping these leaks do not threaten our troops or necessary intelligence operatives. Still Americans must understand it is Washington and economic interests that have actually placed our troops at risks in foreign military wars and occupations not in the real interests of the United States, the nations invaded or civilians killed.

Telling The Truth Hurts Only Political Elites

Of course politicians and political hacks around the world are up in arms about this. Voters and the public must never be told the truth about elite foreign policy, political, financial or bailout actions or else they might say no to the taxes, national debt and deficits or wealth confiscation required to pay for the policies.

Baroin, the spokesman for France said, “Authority and democratic sovereignty are threatened by such practices,” and GOP Representative Peter King described getting the truth out to the public as “terrorism.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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