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Were attacks by North Korea the result of bungled diplomacy by Hillary Clinton?

November 28, 2010
Jim Campbell

Doing the bidding of President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton may have sent the wrong message to South Korea, as the United States appeared to backpedal on the sinking of a South Korean vessel, Cheonan.

Was this seen by North Korea as further weakness by the United States in dealing with a rogue nation led by the dictator Kim Jong Il?  Was this the reason the North launched a barrage of missiles upon the South last week?

As Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met in Seoul with their Republic of Korea (ROK) counterparts Yu Myung-hwan and Kim Tae-young in an historic “2+2″ summit, the Cheonan sinking in March, the defining crisis that was supposed to highlight the relevance and effectiveness of their relationship, instead cast an ugly shadow over the event.

Secretary of State Clinton, representing The United States failed to organize a vigorous international backlash against North Korea for its apparent sinking of the South Korean frigate Cheonan.

There is little doubt that North Korea sank the South Korean warship, killing everyone aboard, and now after four months of diplomacy faces no punishment. South Korea and its American ally came away with nothing from their political momentum. And China claimed diplomatic victory.

How did the Obama administration make this blunder? Blame Hillary Clinton’s State Department for butting heads with the one country that matters: China.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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