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Rangel, Rattner Deserve To Share A Prison Cell

November 21, 2010
Neil Weinberg

It’s unfair! That’s the whiney protests percolating from defrauders of the public Charles B. Rangel and Steven Rattner these days.

I agree that injustice is in the air but for a different reason. Where, I’d like to know, is the Department of Justice and its criminal investigators?

It looks to me like these two guys are guilty of the most heinous sorts of breaches of public trust imaginable.

Charles Rangel, longtime Democratic Congressman from Harlem, is the poster-child for the way power corrupts. Rangel failed to pay taxes on a Dominican Republic villa for 17 years and, evidence before the U.S. Congressional Ethics Panel indicates, lied in claiming he was unaware of his own tax evasion.

Rangel defrauded taxpayers by misappropriating government property and staff time for the sole purpose of raising money to glorify himself and have a Charles B. Rangel building constructed at a local college. In seeking to raise money for this vanity project, Rangel pushed through Congress a loophole that cost taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars in lost tax revenue and enriched a company he was sucking up to for funds.

You’re telling me an enterprising prosecutor couldn’t find criminal fraud floating in this sea of sleaze?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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