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Latinos face cultural, structural barriers in building wealth

November 21, 2010
Michael Bruning

Read this article and weep.

Right now, the DINOCRATS AND ALL OF THE RINO’S IN CONGRESS, AS WELL AS THE OBAMASIAH, LA RAZA, LULAC, THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, NUMEROUS PC JUDGES AND MANY MORE ADVOCATES OF OPEN BORDERS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS – are hell bent on passing the DREAM ACT to ensure that illegal alien children, brought here by their illegal alien parents, will have a pathway to American Citizenship if they go to college or join the military….and…., if they do gain citizenship, they are guaranteed an opportunity to “sponsor” any relative they wish for legal residency in the USA.  Like the so called “anchor babies”, illegal aliens across the spectrum are gaining political and legislative ground sufficient to shape the political landscape in the very near future and the political, cultural, economic and social destiny and destination of the United States.

As you read through this one attachment, begin to make a list of the Federal, State and Local laws that are being broken by the illegal’s and by the banks and by the Federal, State and Local government officials and employee’s who gleefully overlook the enforcement of the laws they all swore to “Preserve, Protect and Defend.” 

Luis Gutierrez of Illinois would and has argued that we must be compassionate and that many people in high places are advocating for AMNESTY….such as Murdock, the FOX News owner, David Rockefeller, the 3 stooges…aka….Obama, Pelosi and Reid, as well as RINO’S JUAN MCAMNESTY MCCAIN, LINSEY GRAHAM, RICHARD LUGAR, ORIN HATCH, CHARLIE THE SMUCK SCHUMER and a horde of other “great pretenders” who trot our their many and worn out “opinions” that defy Constitutional scrutiny.  WHAT PART OF THE MESSAGE ON NOVEMBER 2ND DID THEY MISS?  Indeed, we are and continue to remain in serious danger.

As they flit and prance about in the halls of Congress, let us remember that their feigned concern about deficit spending and the debt do not include the hundreds of billions of dollars of unrecovered funds for expenditures on every aspect of illegal immigration.  From education costs, to tax evasion, to the IRS earned Income and Child Tax credits, to costs related to crimes and the criminal justice system, to Medicaid claims and unpaid medical and hospital bills….and a host of other infractions that the good people of the Nation must pay for…..the politicians of today in 2010 will look a lot like those who will occupy Washington, D.C. in 2011.

While the Banks of the USA got “bailed out” by the taxes of honest Americans….the Illegal’s are being provided red carpet treatment to ensure that they get their slice of the pie.  Even Community Organizations, like the United Way, who many of us donate to, are wholeheartedly pursuing every opportunity to get in on the action.  Imagine how the United Way and other like minded Community Organizations would find funding more difficult if we were to send our dollars the other way?  Do you think that an insecure and financially uncommitted and ignorant Latino population would make up the difference?

We The People sent a message to Congress and to the White House and to the Courts that we are fed up with the same old same old!!  Enough is enough!!  If we all do what we can as individuals, then we will carry the weight of millions.  We must demand that the Laws of this Nation be obeyed by all and that all of the laws are equally and fairly applied to everyone.

Being Illegal should not serve as a Passport to benefits and protections not given to American citizens.  Banks have robbed us through the political process and now they continue to rob us by thwarting the laws of our Nations.

God Bless you all and keep up the good fight.


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