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Airports Don’t Have To Use TSA And Their Screeners

November 19, 2010
Dr. Laurie Roth

Going home for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Along with your dreamed about Wassail and Pumpkin pie expect a double portion of groping Breast soufflé and roast of genitalia. If you aren’t that hungry you can always walk the Holiday nudie plank and let unknown TSA workers look at your nude body. This will be the lovely image of your completely nude body that they do not erase, though officials say they do. There are those who admit stored images and some have noticed TSA workers even making fun of body parts….a mans small penis and a woman’s big breasts.

Obviously, not all images are erased and understand this people. If you are in the media, a politician or celebrity and walk through the nudie machine, I guarantee you your image will not be erased and will later on be sold, manipulated or used to blackmail or ruin someone on the Internet.

Groping private parts and nudie machines have nothing at all to do with REAL airport security. The TSA has been horribly ineffective and is now being used in a warped political sense to condition the American people to accept and put up with over the line intrusion and controls. This is nothing but an Obama administration ploy to get us to shut up and take it, more and more as they circle the socialist/communist wagons in more and more areas of our lives.

The Obama administration has used the same over the top chaos, controls and overwhelm techniques with his completely UN American Health care bill. It is no different than a nation being groped and displayed naked at airports. So much rationing, forced Government approved Health insurance or else major fines, forced end of life counseling, forced unrelated taxation from real-estate to tanning treatments, and making America get a Doctors prescription to get over the counter drugs like Tylenol or Advil. Obama wanted to destroy the best health care system on earth.

The Obama administration likes the absurd. They count on the over reach and insults because service to America and her people was never the goal. National and Airline security was never the goal. What is the goal then?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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