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Do Liberals Now Make The DHS List Of Potential Domestic Terrorists?

November 12, 2010
J.B. Williams

Immediately after assuming office in January 2009, the Obama administration moved swiftly to identify all military veterans and political conservatives opposed to left-wing policies as “extremists” and “potential domestic terrorists” in a Department of Homeland Security Report – strictly on the basis of dissenting political viewpoints and written by left-wing race-baiting organization the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Yet almost two years and hundreds of Tea Party (right-wing) events drawing millions of citizens later, there has been no sign of violent tendencies within the political right. The same cannot be said of the political left…

As reported by Gateway Pundit writer Jim HoftLeftist hero, Kennedy Award Winner and Pulitzer finalist Ted Rall is calling for a violent socialist revolution in America.

Rall’s outrageous call to arms is directly quoted in the report –

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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