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Where do we go from here?

November 11, 2010
Jamie Davis
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We are now post election. Some are in euphoria over the gains of constitutionally-minded elected officials.

Others are noticing the shift in rhetoric and judicial activism that many have come to expect from a central government that knows only growth and broken promises.

The people have spoken at the ballot box. The people voted for smaller and more accountable government.

The people voted to reject unconstitutional federal mandates. The people voted to embrace our constitution not ignore it or subjugate it to international law.

The people voted for sane fiscal policy not confiscatory taxes and made to order inflation.

Yet, The Federal Government (especially the courts) and the Federal Reserve have given notice of their intent to ignore the will of the people by their recent (post-election) actions.

So where do we go from here?

The founders framed our constitution based on their understanding of human nature and its impact on governing bodies.

The founders knew that:

  • Without competition there is no accountability.
  • Without accountability there is unfettered power.
  • Where there is unfettered power there is tyrrany, often merciless brutal tyrrany.

They also knew that generations which are immature or unborn, cannot raise a ballot, a voice, or a fist to stop tyrrany.

So they took it upon themselves to find the courage and persistence to resist tyrrany and to win.

We must do likewise, it is our clear moral duty.

Jamie Davis is the chapter coordinator for the Jacksonville/First Coast Tenth Amendment Center.

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