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Shut Down Government if Necessary!

November 9, 2010
Dr. Don Boys

Republicans are giddy with their recent success at the polls and have the opportunity to effect the greatest change in a hundred years. But don’t count on it. Like all politicians, they have a propensity to foul their own nest. When it comes to human nature, I expect people to act as they always have—with an exception now and then.

We have two parties to keep the U.S on an even keel, not going to excess in either direction. Need I remind anyone that we have seen both parties swinging to extremes in recent years? Bush spoke of “compassionate conservatism” that was neither compassionate nor conservative. We saw him proclaiming a desire to spread democracy all over the world, without any constitutional authority to do so. Moreover, he had no historical precedent to think that Muslims would be willing to live in a democracy. Evidently, neither Bush nor his advisors had ever read the Koran or Hadith. We saw a “conservative” implement a massive prescription drug bill that alone may destroy us.

His bipartisan law, No Child Left Behind, was a farce that had no basis in law or practical application. It is time to stop throwing dollars into the rat hole of public education. Isn’t it about time to realize that public education is a failure, a farce, and a fraud and we should let it fall like a rotten apple. The feds and the states should get out of the education business, a business that went bankrupt many years ago. I did not weep to see Bush ride off on “ole paint” into the western sunset.

Then Obama, with both guns loaded, rode into town surrounded by a motley crew of socialists, communists, racists, incompetents, and opportunists. But they looked good and voting for them made Americans feel good about themselves. Maybe Whites were not racists after all (but what about more than 90% of Blacks who voted for him?) In two years, we have seen Obama and his crowd bring America to the cusp of the abyss with government takeover of private businesses that would make Mussolini proud. Moreover, passing the massive healthcare bill makes us about as socialist as the various socialist European governments.

Then the Tea Party came to town and sane, sensible Americans felt a stirring of hope again. Maybe we can undo some of the damage done by dangerous demagogues. I am also hopeful, but realistic. There is an old adage in Christian education that “You get what you inspect not what you expect.” Or something like that. We had better make it clear to all conservative legislators that this is their last chance. If the Republican Party doesn’t get it right this time, they will be graveyard dead by 2012. If legislators waver, they will be looking for new jobs. No more chances.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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