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Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Keith Ellison Smears Juan Williams as “Un-American”

October 24, 2010
Pamela Geller

The Muslim Brotherhood’s man in Congress is calling a black American a “bigot” and “un-American,” twisting the very definition of “American” to some perverted idea of sharia. This from an organization whose stated aim is “eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within.”

America, pay attention! The traitors who walk among us are removing their masks. See who conspires against us. See who sides with our mortal enemies.

Considering the notorious Islamic history of Muslims keeping blacks as slaves (abid) — to this very day in North Africa — it is the height of black humor (no pun intended) that this Islamic supremacist would call an honorable African American a “bigot.”

Keith Ellison’s trip to the haj was financed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Keith Ellison has attended pro-Hamas, anti-semitic hatefests. And it was Hamas-supporting Muslim Brotherhood CAIR that got Williams fired. Why isn’t the media discussing how these extremists, like Ellison, are destroying this country?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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