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All Hale Liberty

September 22, 2010
Becky Akers

Pretend for a moment that the second American Revolution now rages. All we C4L folks, Tea Partiers, libertarians, anarchists, States’ Righters, home schoolers — everyone fed up with DC’s dictatorship has grabbed a gun and converged on the Beltway. For one glorious week, we besiege the politicians and bureaucrats, largely because their incredulity that serfs would actually rebel paralyzes them. Our enormous enthusiasm bounds higher.

Then the Pentagon marches a couple regiments of the US Army against us. We retreat, all the way to New York City. Now, almost eighteen months after the first shots flew, we’re depressed and discouraged. We’ve learned how boring, terrifying, and lethal war is, even one for liberty. Many of us have not only lost family and friends, we’ve watched them die. And the stench — of blood, fear, death — hangs everywhere, a miasma thick and inescapable as taxes.

We’re weak and exhausted, too. Seems as though someone’s always sick with a cold or flu, and it roars through camp. Nor does the hunger help: we’re as short of rations as we are everything else.

Maybe that’s why the Feds whupped us so badly last month in Brooklyn. We saved ourselves by fleeing across the East River into Manhattan. And here we’re stuck, quaking, the scent of death stronger than ever because we know the Feds must soon follow and finish us. No wonder nearly half our force has melted away since our defeat. Folks who will gladly die for liberty won’t for a dying cause.

There’s one hope, our only chance: discovering where and when the Feds plan their beachhead, then massing there to repulse them. So we need a spy — but he’ll be as good as dead if the Feds catch him snooping. Who will volunteer for such a risky job this close to the end?

You do, you foolhardy patriot. You know nothing of espionage, only what you’ve seen in James Bond movies. Pretty glamorous stuff — but then, you used to think war was, too.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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