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REALITY REPORT #62 – Homeland Security Targets Activists

September 22, 2010
Restore The Republic

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi blows the lid off the Pennsylvania DHS list targeting activists. He also sits down with Arizona State Senate Libertarian Candidate Andrea Garcia to talk about her race for the Senate seat. Obama gets schooled during his own Town Hall meeting on CNBC, and we have the video. Nina breaks down the headlines including who is funding the Ground Zero Mosque and how the U.S. is in bigger debt than the Government is letting on. She also plays the controversial video of the middle school students praying at a Mosque during a field trip and reports on a new tax concept being proposed in the UK.

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:17 pm

    PA Homeland Security paid a company $125,000 to spy on and report to natural gas industry interests the names of protesters and groups that lawfully protested gas exploration; then Homeland Security distributed those names to law enforcement nationally. So what did the natural gas industry intend to do with the names of the lawful protesters?
    What did national law enforcement intend for the lawful protesters whose names were distributed by PA Homeland Security that labeled the protesters a threat to the national infra structure, in effect terrorists?

    Despite this spying exposed, will those collected protesters’ names be used by federal government to prevent them from getting a federal job or a government clearance? The Nazis Government used this tactic to intimidate and suppress political opposition. Will U.S. Government use the spied protester names to injure them financially, e.g. prevent protesters receiving credit or loans at banks the Government controls since the financial crisis? The Government used all of the above tactics when it ran COINTELPRO 1964 THROUGH the 1980’s to crush political dissent.

    Homeland Security (sanctioned spying) on Americans’ because they exercise constitutionally protected activities is foreseeable to intimidate, coerce and terrify Citizens from speaking out.

    U.S. and foreign private security companies now work so closely with U.S. law enforcement agencies in America under federal quasi-government contracts sharing information on U.S. Citizens; assist in tracking individuals and to share with U.S. Government assets they cause to be forfeited from Americans, private security companies appear to have merged with U.S. police agencies. U.S. Government too easily can use its relationship with private security companies to spy on and damage any American deemed a threat. In retrospect, Hitler created the Gestapo a secret “Private police organization that worked closely with German police to spy on, arrest and eliminate anyone that disagreed with the Nazi Government and to seize huge amounts of property from German Citizens.

    Currently Homeland Security works for a democracy; however if U.S. Government radically changes, e.g., becomes fascist, Homeland Security could spy on all Americans. The German police before Hitler worked for a democracy; under Hitler German police worked for a fascist government; following World WAR II the German police worked for the East German Stasi, a brutal police force under the USSR.

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