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Patriotism is Racism and genocidal endorsement, so says University of Illinois Administrator

September 22, 2010
William R. Collier, Jr.

Alumni Denounce University of Illinois Anti-American Propaganda

David Green Comes Out With The Anti-Colonialism Agenda of The University of Illinois

Parents, students, and American Patriots who do not buy into a neo-Marxist/anti-colonialism worldview are incensed that a member of the University of Illinois administration is parroting the lies and propaganda used by America’s enemies to recruit people into terror cells.

The administration staff member, from the University of Illinois, denounced college students for chanting “USA, USA, USA!” during a 911 observance at a college football game, accusing what he called “the mostly white” and “privileged” crowd of murder and imperialism.

Describing himself as a “University Academic Professional”, David Green made his anti-American pronouncements on, where commentators revealed that he is a research assistant: Green, David L Institute of Govt & Pub Affairs — University Administration RESEARCH AND POLICY SPEC, Institute of Govt & Pub Affairs — University Administration

Reaction from angry alumni has been swift and strong, with many saying they will not be donating any more money to their alma mater until Green is, as one commentator put it, “dealt with by the administration.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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