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Lincoln, Eager Invader, Reluctant Emancipator And Maker Of A So-Called “indivisible” Nation

September 22, 2010
Joan Hough

Seekers of the truth have learned that Lincoln’s real reason for his invasion of the South had absolutely nothing to do with SLAVERY. They now understand that Lincoln was ABSOLUTELY opposed to equality of blacks with whites. (Thomas J. Dilorenzo. The Real Lincoln.) Lincoln did not begin his war for the purpose of freeing even a single slave. It was the usual kind of war, based solely on greed for money and power. It was not until the middle of the war when Lincoln’s army was losing that Lincoln decided to declare slaves emancipated—only those, of course in the South where he no longer had any authority. Lincoln’s top general, Ulysses Grant, did not even free his own slaves until long after the end of the war. Grant’s excuse that the slaves were his wife’s won’t wash— husbands had total power over wives back then. (Women were not even allowed to vote.)

Lincoln would best be known as Lincoln, the RELUCTANT EMANCIPATOR, Issuer of an Emancipation Proclamation which could not free blacks but could, he hoped, cause them to murder white women and children who were left defenseless on farms and plantations without their men.

Why did Lincoln refuse to end slavery peacefully as the rest of the world had done? Why did he refuse compensated emancipation? The reason is shocking and most Americans, carefully indoctrinated down through the centuries to believe Lincoln the nation’s “greatest” President, will be unable to accept the truth unless there remains within them a remnant of the ability to think independently—outside the little box filled with Socialist-Communist-Marxist-New World Order-, all powerful central government, brainwash.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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