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Muslim takeover in Minnesota

September 10, 2010
Michael J. Bruning

As I pointed out in my recent article re Sharia Law, the evidence is everywhere.  Thanks to Bob R., I can share this video with you – along with the National News stories of 2 girls killed by their father in Texas under the guise of Sharia law, the girl run over 3 times by her father in Peoria, Arizona, the woman in upstate New York who was beheaded by her husband because she wanted a divorce, the woman killed in Detroit for the same reason, the man and the woman stoned in Pakistan for adultery, and all the hundreds of other examples that never get reported on by the Police because their bosses….our corrupt politicians don’t want you to know about these things or the extent that Sharia law has infected our nation and our society.

Like the bogus and phony illegal alien numbers we are now seeing, the incidents of “honor killings” based upon Sharia Law in the USA are far more than we are being told.  Such Laws undermine our Bill of Rights and our Rule of Law and are predisposed toward allowing a “so-called” religion of peace, to legally violate the rights of other human beings that reside and are present in the USA.  As Americans, we all know that such violations of basic human rights and our protections under our Constitution  and are, without any doubt, abhorrent to our standards of justice.  To allow the free exercise thereof….is no different than saying that the lynching of black men and the bombing of black churches or the maltreatment of women, some of the ugly events in our past….should be allowed today.  Needless to say, “in order to form a more perfect union”, we have slowly disposed of these practices and have come a long way toward ending such repressions.  And suffice it to say, we cannot now allow foreign nationals or american citizens to invalidate the underlying message of our Founders and/or the understood intent of their message.  Our Constitution is the Law of the Land, and anyone who dares to threaten or undermine that vision of freedom and liberty needs to take their ignorant and demeaning practices elsewhere and that includes the many idiotic and corrupt politicians who view their elected positions as some “divine right.”

Sharia Law must be confronted and banned.  Not embraced and understood.

Michael J. Bruning

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  1. May 5, 2011 4:12 pm

    There is a good article on sharia law and the Bible on my blog at

  2. john mariner permalink
    September 12, 2010 7:04 pm

    i think we should burn the muslims and the polititions out. they era both working together for whatever reason, to destroy the constitution and our country, death to muslims.

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