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Gun Owners Nationwide Must Rally To Defeat Harry Reid

August 31, 2010

— Help Sharron Angle Take Out An Anti-gun Senator

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work over the last few months. Because of your lobbying efforts, the NRA has decided NOT TO ENDORSE anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his contest against Sharron Angle.

As you may remember, GOA had alerted you last month to press reports indicating that the NRA might endorse Reid. Followers of the Wall Street Journal read on July 2 that:

The chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association made an interesting admission to The Weekly Standard following a Wednesday report by that the powerful gun lobby might back Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his general election battle against Republican Sharron Angle.

It’s not that they might endorse Reid — because they might, said chief lobbyist Chris Cox — but that the issue doesn’t appear to be as much about the records of Reid and Angle, but rather the specter of a Senate run by either Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois or New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

GOA asked you to contact the NRA and to urge them NOT TO ENDORSE Reid. Well, as of last week, the NRA officially announced that they would not endorse him!

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    August 31, 2010 11:46 am

    Obama tried to use EPA to Ban Lead Bullets. Could Obama after November Elections try that again?

    If lead bullets were outlawed, imagine how many gun owners might be arrested using lead bullets purchased previously. Compare: In 1994, the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Janet Reno proposed introducing legislation that would allow U.S. Government “summary forfeiture” of unregistered firearms. DOJ intended to eliminate government’s high costs of forfeiture proceedings required to confiscate guns (by baring gun owners from being able to prove) their confiscated weapons were legally registered or did not come under the “technical definition” of a gun that must be registered. A Government ban on lead bullets would bring gun owners to the same place. Also in 1994 the Justice Dept proposed gun legislation that included the words “premises containing illegal weapons” written like drug asset forfeiture laws. In less than 24-hours gun owners expressed concern those words “premises containing illegal weapons” would open the door for DOJ to criminally and civilly forfeit gun owners’ homes since most gun owners kept guns at home. Had that legislation passed, it is foreseeable Americans would be afraid to own guns or keep them in their house.

    In 1994, a Congressman suggested forcing gun stores to sell only “biodegradable ammunition” with a 1-year shelf-life stating—in case of insurrection, ammunition accumulated by people would become useless within 1-year. Then someone pointed out, forcing biodegradable ammunition on the public would open the door for foreign black-market ammunition to be sold in the U.S. Obviously if Obama’s ban on lead bullets is approved, foreign black markets will develop in the U.S. for lead bullets; that will lead to police swat raids on homes for illegal bullets just like drug raids now out of control. It is foreseeable anyone caught with possession of lead bullets could lose their right to own a gun. Bullets made of any other metal could prove too expensive for most gun owners to purchase. It is obvious Obama by the backdoor—intends to disarm America taking Americans’ ammunition away.

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