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Empty Chambers: Our U.S. Congress

August 23, 2010
Frosty Wooldridge

Elites, whether elected or unelected, will not do anything for the good of the country. Examples abound in the national debt, immigration predicament, trade deficits, unending wars, educational failures, drug war and environmental degradation.

Back in the early years of the Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson asked George Washington, “Why the need for a senate?”

Washington replied, “Why do you pour your coffee into a cup?”

“To cool it,” Jefferson replied.

“That’s why we need the senate to cool the passions of the peoples’ chamber—the House of Representatives,” said Washington.

Two hundred and thirty four years later, the Senate and House evolved into “Empty Chambers.” Senate majority leader Harry Reid cannot tie his shoes from his enfeebled mind. House leader Nancy Pelosi fails American citizens on every level. Congressional members on both sides of the aisle fail to pull their thumbs out of their eyes. They either cannot see or refuse to look at conditions across America.

Let’s touch on a few:

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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