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70 avowed socialists in U.S. Congress

August 17, 2010
Worlet Net Daily

DSA lists members of the 111th session

In October 2009, the Democratic Socialists of America released in its newsletter a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization:

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    August 17, 2010 6:29 pm

    70 Avowed Socialists In U.S. Congress—TOO MANY! Voters need to Eradicate At the Polls.

    Government’s so called stimulus spending of taxpayer money on so many absurd projects forces one to wonder if members in Congress are taking bribes or kickbacks to include them in legislation. Obama stimulus package discriminated against non-union Americans, providing most government contracts to employers that hired high paid union employees. More recently the Democrats summoned back the House to push through $26 Billion to pay State and Local Employees—“to save their jobs” while millions of Americans increasingly face the prospect of unemployment, homelessness and soup-lines.

    53% of Federal, State and Local Employees are unionized. Many paid twice the amount of Americans working similar positions for the private sector. In many respects due to union influence, the Obama government is moving the direction that collapsed the USSR—creating unaffordable bureaucracies, imploding numbers of government employees. U.S. government workers many unionized, have become a fortress of high paid employees, sucking American taxpayers, enjoying government perks, fantastic health and life insurance plans, and paid retirement amounts and benefits most Americans can only dream about.

    Obama like most socialists has no understanding of economics. Obama’s only solution to the economic crisis is spend more, borrow more; print more money. It is clear Obama will have to strip working Americans of their assets, taxing anything and anybody to pay for his spending and public programs. No matter who is elected, Congress will have to hugely raise taxes to pay interests on government debt; pay for Obama’s public programs. Obama’s taxes will confiscate Citizens’ discretionary income before it can be spent on goods and services, causing greater unemployment but not in government, further shrinking the economy. Government can’t indefinitely extend unemployment benefits, how does Obama intend to deal with millions of unemployed Americans walking the streets? Put them in tent cities or worse?

    A turn around in the economy will not happen with Obama in the White House. The Obama government like foreign socialists governments is unfriendly to business and does not care their polices are drowning businesses with taxes, regulations and controls that will inhibit economic growth and employment for years. Obama has made Americans afraid to invest, reluctant to spend money on goods and services, every month causing more Americans to lose jobs.

    At the rate Obama’s is pushing America toward bankruptcy, it is obvious the U.S. will soon not have enough money to pay for a sufficient military defense


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