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Now smuggling operations infecting northern border

August 15, 2010
Michael Carl

Criminal transport of humans, guns expands from Southwest

The images of weapons stockpiles and drug-cartel mayhem may not be coming from Mexican and southern U.S. border cities much longer, according to experts who say the continuing criminal enterprises are moving north, and already have reached both Middle America and the nation’s northern perimeter.

Americans for Legal Immigration President William Gheen says the extent and reach of the drug- and human-smuggling networks goes farther than most Americans realize.

“There are Mexican gangs and cartels operating in the United States in places that you wouldn’t expect. The pictures that have come in over the last couple of years are disturbing,” Gheen said.

“We’ve gone from a few weapons to body armor, grenades, automatic weapons, enough weapons to equip a small army. They’re operating with well-operated supply lines that are bringing in weapons and drugs,” he said.

Former military intelligence analyst Sylvia Longmire agrees, saying that a lot of smuggling activity and weapons seizures now are taking place in America’s heartland.

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