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Maryland needs an immigration advocate

August 15, 2010
Gloria Moyer

At the state level, 95 percent of the costs are paid by taxpayers. You would think the Maryland State government would be working to discourage illegal aliens from settling in Maryland and impacting the state treasury, but you would be wrong.

Casa de Maryland, an immigrant advocacy group which receives funds from the state of Maryland, includes in its mission helping illegal immigrants stay in this country and pushing for amnesty through immigration reform.

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  1. August 16, 2010 7:33 pm

    Harold we have to stop hitting our heads against the wall. We need to re-educate the public without worrying about political correctness, what it means to be a nation as understood globally. And we have to tell them that our survival as a nation depends on orderly planing according to available resources. Yes we had a big continent once so was Australia and much of the world. But there are no more empty spaces. It is hard to explain that the argument we are being given about legal or illegal puring in will reduce us to what China recognized as an impossible condition to accept.
    Harold, how do you tell clearly to those argument that hey are totally illogical beyond rational reason. Having babies is not a disease that cannot be controlled so can please someone tell me “WHY” people should sacrifice to make room for more–one logical reason to “why?, Just zip up” Because that is what this fuss is all about—zipping up and if stated frankly the issue might end.

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