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Federal 2009 – Annual Financial Report

August 8, 2010
Walter Burien

Scope – Size – and a lock on the productivity value of a Nation.

The 2009 Federal Annual Financial Report:

Talk about a crack addict running up the credit card balance on someone else’s card to walk with the cash today and at the same time assure a continued and massive flow of cash for tomorrow…

Projection of money to be spent by the federal government come 2040 = 700% of the current GDP. (Reference graphs of projected cost seen within)

A SPECIAL NOTE ON HOW POLITICS HAVE TAKEN IT ALL OVER: Within the corporate structure of government certain intentional impressions are given due to the money involved that are completely opposite of reality. The most important reverse reality promoted is that at the discretion of the multinational corporations through financial backing and contributions applied control who gets elected.

The reality here is that the internal “government” gang through collective investment ownership (primary) of these multinational corporations, networked through private associations decide from within government what candidates for office are to be backed.

Being that the multinational corporations are primarily owned by government investment; funding; and contract income assigned, the internal government gang covertly and quietly “instructs” the multinational corporations executive boards on “who” is to be backed for any important election. Thus with a certain degree of certainty deciding the outcome of most elections.

Cooperation in this arena is assured being that the multinational corporations are tightly wrapped in their dependency for those investment dollars; government contracts; inter-cooperation of government regulation; and last but not least government exercise of proxy vote by ownership networked through those private associations over those multinational corporations. If push came to shove the entire board could be replaced by proxy vote and those board members know this all to well.

Health-care bill, what is the underling motive and intent? ANSWER: Trillions funneled of taxpayer revenue into the pharmaceutical;  health -care;  and insurance industry that government already owns through collective investment.

Always remember: “It is for the children” and coincidently at the same time a massive wealth transfer by taxation applied into the government’s collective international and domestic investment coffers. Any questions on why Russia did, and China is working on going democratic? More control and massive wealth transfer accomplished. The upper management US Government gang over the years wrote the better blueprint to facilitate that end.

You can continue to be entertained, drained, and weakend with masterfully created sound-bite conditioning so that business as usual goes on unabated or be enlightened. Comprehending the primary reality of truth is the first step to correction of a debilitating reality ..

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Walter Burien –


Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!

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