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Holder is extorting settlement money to fund ACORN.

August 7, 2010
Kevin “Coach” Collins

If AG is a crook where do we go to complain?

Apparently there are no limits to the depths to which Eric Holder will sink. This fraud is willing to allow Black thugs to threaten peaceful Whites trying to vote, and completely ignore the outrage over this miscarriage of justice. Now he is engaging in full fledged extortion.

According to the federal criminal Statues, Mr. Holder is sworn to enforce, his new policy for assessing and keeping funds from defendants in discrimination lawsuits is a violation of the Hobbs Act.

Extortion as defined in the Hobbs Act is “the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.” It is 18 U.S.C. S 1951(b) (2) of the federal criminal code. How things should work The Department of Justice (DoJ) has been turned into a criminal cabal whose purpose has become collecting money from those unlucky enough to fall prey to its clutches.

Holder has turned the purposes of the DoJ Civil Rights Division upside down. In the past when it handled cases of discrimination against corporations and individuals, such as landlords or banks, the DoJ Civil Rights Division has routinely collected fine money from those it has prevailed over in court. Just as routinely it would collect an excess of funds so as to be able to compensate those who were injured by the now convicted defendant but had not been part of the original settlement.

When all of those secondary claims were paid, the excess money would be returned to the defendant, but that was yesterday.

Holder has ordered that henceforth excess money will not be returned but rather be given to “approved advocacy” groups such as ACORN. And you thought the Senate had defunded ACORN!

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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