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On War, Armies, and the Brilliance of James Madison

August 5, 2010
Damon Vrabel

The mass media’s way of communicating war is basically to put fake tough-guy narcissists on your TV screen speaking to the equivalent of a pre-oedipal 2 year old: “There are scary people out there…you need to be terrified…heroic saviors will attack and destroy their bad countries for you so you can maintain your mental fantasy that you’re safe. All you need to do is keep shopping, buying your little toys, while daddy keeps you safe.”

You can already see psychology and spirituality issues in that dialogue. But what about economics? One of the Council on Renewal’s tenets is that we currently live in a world where economics reigns supreme over every other dimension of life, including spirituality and psychology.

This is literally embedded in the fabric of our legal system which says that the interests of private capital holders trump everything else in our system…everything…towns, counties, states, nations, families, individual humans. Given this system where economics reigns, to understand the truth behind almost anything, you simply have to follow the big money to see what’s driving it…

So who makes money from war?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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