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“We The People” So What?

August 1, 2010
Greg Evensen

I have just returned from a 2700 mile, ten day speaking tour in the mid-west. The mood of the country is far worse than you have heard. The level of anxiety about the direction and agenda of the federal government and the abject level of crises that most of the states are in is beyond comprehension.

Career jobs and decent paying employment is gone. Forced accumulation of debt through inflation and taxes is rampant. Lack of nourishment because of GMO vegetables and GMO corn fed livestock is managed by the addiction to hundreds of “miracle” pharmaceuticals that play an endless game of downward spiraling levels of health issues for the majority of America’s people.

Ultra liberal Universities crank out graduates in degree fields that are no longer viable but it doesn’t matter, primarily due to the fact that these degrees can’t prove that the people holding them can perform their role without retraining during their first year of work.

The nation is broke, it is beyond financial correction. Industry is dead, the malls are bankrupt and farms are churning out these GMO crops that may have all of us looking like lightening bugs in another generation or so.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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