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What to Expect from New York’s “Workplace Bullying” Law

July 31, 2010
William Anderson

Laws like this increase the power of government to bully everyone else. Time and again we find that when government agents acquire power over others, not only do we see them regularly bullying (violently at that), but the agents usually are protected by law from the consequences of their actions.

Take an agency like Child Protective Services. Everyone wants children to be safe from abusive parents, but government has the power to take children from parents simply on the word of a CPS worker. Unsurprisingly, we hear horror stories about families being destroyed on false allegations, and legal abuses like the McMartin case (and numerous others) have come about because government claimed to be protecting children. Wrongly accused parents and others have almost no recourse because government bullies are protected from legal consequences by order of Congress and state legislatures.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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