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Ok, class… How many ways can you say ‘illegal’?

July 28, 2010
Bobby Eberle

Arizona’s new law which aims to crack down on illegal aliens is set to take effect in just a few days. Ahead of the July 29 implementation date, lawsuits are flying, and the media are trying everything they can to draw attention to this “controversial” law. The problem is that it’s not controversial. It’s straightforward, inline with federal law, and is supported by vast majority of Arizona residents. That, of course, doesn’t stop liberals from trying to make controversy where controversy doesn’t exist.

It’s amazing what so-called journalists will do to either stir things up in their favor or tone things down in order to draw sympathy for their cause. Take this Reuters story as an example: Migrants sell up, flee Arizona ahead of crackdown. In it, we can see that it becomes a challenge for the writer to see how many different ways he can describe a person in this country illegally without actually using the word “illegal.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 28, 2010 10:37 pm

    Actually, the law is controversial when you consider what the word controversial means. It means simply that there are two or more sides that strongly disagree with one another. If either side is not committed to their position, then it’s not controversial
    As for different ways to say, “illegal alien,” I like one cartoonist’s remark, “Calling them ‘undocumented immigrants’ is like calling a drug pusher an unlicensed pharmacist.”

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