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Update On Los Zetas Ranch Seizure In Laredo

July 27, 2010


To those of you out there who have decided to turn on this story, the reporter, the sources and myself with vicious lies, rumor and innuendo I have no pity for you. Your attacks have gone beyond the pale and I’m sure your readers can see that for themselves.

It is one thing to question a story, to come to your own conclusions and to state them as such. It is quite another to try to add things to the story, or to what the initial reports were, in order to support your opinion – making up things about those who passed the story on to fulfill your own fantasies. The fairest of all who question seems to be Mondo at Death By 1000 Papercuts where he has filed several reports such as questioning the story with integrity not slander. He questions, but does not condemn.

I can see from the point of view of those looking in from the outside. I do not live in a bubble. The sources have not come forward as yet, that would leave the story up for doubt as to its truthfulness to those not in direct contact with the sources, those who have not looked at Dvorak’s work and those who have not been following the violence along the border and its impact on the United States. A story refuting the story can report as such, but vicious attacks of hoax, liar and racist? You have no integrity at all.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 27, 2010 6:21 pm

    We sent 6 Texas Minutemen volunteers down to Laredo North that night and they advise that the ranchers on 1142 report all normal.

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