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Obama’s U.S. assassination program? Part 1

July 27, 2010
Chuck Norris

Sound too conspiratorial to be true? Like the cover-up ops of spy novels? Well, it’s reality. And it is possibly the most bizarre, inhumane and abusive way that the White House is expanding its power over the American people.

It’s not an extremist belief or theory of the far Right. It’s a fact that has been confirmed by publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC and even documented by the far-Left blog,

And it’s the gravest nightmare of U.S. citizens and abandonment of our Constitution to date: A presidential assassination program in which U.S. citizens are in the literal scopes of the executive branch, based upon nothing more than allegations of terrorism involvement as they define it.

Of course, the CIA has executed covert assassinations of foreigners for decades. But, tragically, Obama is now expanding this program to include American, non-Islamic, stateside, homegrown terrorists.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. May 13, 2011 9:40 pm

    What more needs to be said? Regardless of whether or not the mysterious circumstances surrounding his citizenship have any validity, no matter that not only has this obamanation broken every promise he made regarding stopping the wars, he started a new one!, which, by the way, is enough to have him removed from office…….this from an alleged professor of the Constitution? Doesn’t that TELL you anything???
    So, as if to try and get the people aroused about something, he goes and pulls this stunt (I wonder if the scientists are shaking their collective heads in frustration at just how well their dumbing-down flouride really did work…nothing, i mean nothing gets us riled up anymore! So ho-hum, dreary apathy as we go over the cliff) Now he deifies himself as the taker of life based upon a whim?
    He has turned the white house into uncle tom’s cabin, which, in my humble opinion, is an appropiate metamorphosis, but this house nigga gotta go!

  2. Ross Wolf permalink
    July 28, 2010 3:07 am

    U.S. Government has a history of fabricating evidence to imprison innocent Americans, including persons who questioned government and or wrote articles exposing government corruption. If the Obama government is permitted to assassinate Americans in their own country, based on government aclaims someone is involved in organizing or carrying out terrorist actions against the United States or U.S. interests, it should be expected U.S. intelligence agencies and private government contractors will fabricate evidence to justify killing Americans.

    While Chuck Norris made good points, Chuck described bullets being used to assassinate U.S. Citizens in America. But generally, intelligence agents in developed nations don’t use bullets to kill Citizens in their own country. Fifty years ago the CIA allegedly would seek into someone’s hotel room and taint their toothbrush with a chemical that would cause death, hopefully believed a heart attack. Since then U.S. Government as greatly improved on assassinations using biological/chemical agents that are not traceable after a period or combined with binary agents that have a short shelf life, so cause of death can’t be determined. Such death causing agents may be placed anywhere, e.g. on someone’s door knob on their vehicle steering wheel, put inside their shoe or simply dropped in their cocktail at a bar when they leave for the restroom. Eventual death can be caused by extremely low frequency emissions to destroy a person’s immune system. No doubt Obama’s plan to assassinate U.S. Citizens will silence his critics at home.

    When a President supports assassinating Americans, it is important to determine how likely it is that Obama might knock off innocent U.S. Citizens without sufficient evidence.

    Recently Obama gave a speech in May 2010 that proposed incarcerating in indefinite detention without evidence of wrong doing, any person government deemed a “combatant” or likely to engage in a violent act in the future. Obama asked for the power to incarcerate U.S. Citizens not on evidence, but for what they might do. Could Obama’s decision to assassinate Americans be based on hearsay? Could a corrupt U.S. Government use it assassination power to kill its political opposition?

    When you examine Obama’s May 2010 speech, it appears Obama wants retroactive power to incarcerate without evidence anyone government claims (prior) supported violent acts on the premise that person is likely to support violent acts in the future: U.S. activists would be extremely vulnerable to indefinite detention because no activist can control what another activist or group might do illegally they network with domestically or overseas. U.S. Government would only have to allege a person; group or organization might commit a violent act in the future to order Preventative Detention of lawful participants, with no evidence whatsoever. Overnight millions of lawful U.S. activists, including Tea Party members could be subject to arrest and Indefinite Detention. Obama could use this power to arrest members of Congress, drag U.S. Citizens off the street and from their homes. It is foreseeable any “individual” who writes on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against or entity of U.S. Government or its coalition partners could be deemed by authorities a “Combatant” or likely to engage in or cause violent acts: government can too easily claim an author’s writings inspired people in the past and will in the future to commit violent acts. It is problematic detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings or allowed legal counsel; interrogated, may be prosecuted for ordinary crimes because of their alleged admissions while held in indefinite detention. Obama wants the power to override the U.S. Constitution. Obama wants the power to detain indefinitely any American without probable cause or evidence, based on conjecture someone might do something violent in the future.

    Now Obama supports assassinating Americans anywhere based on government claims, someone is involved in organizing or carrying out terrorist actions against the United States or U.S. interests. A former Director of National Intelligence allegedly confessed before Congress: “We take direct actions against terrorists in the intelligence community. If we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that.” Who else in the White House might be involved in approving assassination of Americans; Obama’s Marxist Czars?

    See: Obama May 2010 speech /Sound-Video asking for power to incarcerate Americans without evidence:

    Obama wants to resurrect the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007,” introduced by U.S. Rep. Jane Harman. Apparently the Obama administration resurrected its tenets in its new 52-page National Security Strategy, released in May. Rep.

    Jane Harman’s preventative terrorist legislation was not written exactly like the Nazi 1933 Discriminatory Decrees that suspended the Reich Constitution, but it could have brought America to the same place trashing Americans’ civil liberties. Harman’s bill had the potential of driving lawful political and other activists underground into American cell groups. Perhaps expectantly creating the domestic terrorists the Bush Administration said we needed to be protected from.

    The Harman bill extended to any “planned act” that involved Americans in the U.S. including against foreign governments that were its “U.S. alleys.” Under the Harman bill, environmental and other organizations in America would be at risk if they coordinated activities with or supported foreign activist groups in other countries; because lawful American organizations can’t control what might happen overseas at a “planned” demonstration or know the “planned acts” of foreign activists they network.

    Under the broad language of the Harman bill, anyone attending a “planned event” could be charged with trying to coerce a government and its people. Government would only have to allege an individual in a group (thought about coercing a government or its people.) Labor demonstrators that blocked or intimidated shoppers from entering a store could be charged with “coercing people” under Harman’s “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.”

    Under Harman’s bill, should violence breakout at a “planned” event, government could charge that everyone attending was “ideologically based toward violence.” Individual activists who set up web sites promoting “planned activities”, wrote, emailed or handed out “flyers” promoting “a planned” demonstration could be charged with Violent Radicalization or Homegrown Terrorism, depending on the violence that occurred. Information flyers not intended by an author to be distributed at a particular event but were somehow distributed, could under the Harman bill open the door for government to charge the author with promoting “Violent Radicalization and/or Homegrown Terrorism, if that resulted. Such concerns by writers would have crushed written dissent.

    Americans would have had no right to refute be labeled “ideologically based toward violence” because of what another person said or did at a “planned event” or meeting which they were involved. Under such circumstances millions of Americans would have become afraid to support or attend political and other public meetings out of concern someone might do something that violated Rep. Harman’s “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.”

    This is what Obama wants to resurrect

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