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Illegal Alien Antonia Rivera Released After Arrested At US Capitol – ICE Says Only Wants Criminals

July 23, 2010

So this illegal alien “activist”, Antonia Rivera, flies to Washington DC, goes to the Capitol Building, sits in the atrium with others who are demanding the DREAM Act, is arrested by the police and ICE doesn’t take her into custody and deport her. That is the story in a nutshell.

Rivera is a member of declared illegal aliens demanding the free ride of the DREAM Act. They call themselves the Orange County Dream Team. I find it disgusting that we allow illegal aliens to organize within the borders of the United States and nothing is being done about it. Antonia even has a Facebook page and twitter account where she happily posts that the cops are there to arrest them and links to all the stories published about their arrests. There are other “out” illegal aliens who routinely post to her Facebook thanking her for being a martyr for their demands. On top of all of this, there was a website setup at where they are announcing their illegal intentions ahead of time for all to see. It was also promoted and streamed over the internet so illegal aliens and their supporters could watch back home. Antonia even posted to her Facebook that she and three others needed a place to stay in Washington DC so they could pull this stunt.

“is there anyone in DC that can house three people here for the DREAM Graduation tomorrow? We need housing tonight til Wednesday night,” she posted. Apparently someone aided and abetted her illegal stay in our country as her little show was pulled off. And the government let her walk…

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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