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The Sky is Not Falling, You’re Just Paranoid

July 16, 2010
Dave Bertrand

The sky is falling?? Everything is just fine, the Tea Party / Conservatives are racist people that hate everything that Obama says and does. The fear mongering is nothing more than scared citizens that believe a world take-over is happening within the United States. Obama is the first president that really wants change and is doing everything he can to CON your ass….

If you believe everything that “lame stream media” says each evening, then you will believe the propaganda, but you can’t put two and two together. Why?? Because…most people are afraid to talk about issues at work, they come home, tired and pop-open that first beer, the wife complains about the rude customer that came to her store today, you sit there and wonder why you even married this woman, your kids want the latest cell phone, while you flip channels to see commercials constantly telling you that you have problems. You can’t get an erection, your bones are turning to dust, you’re depressed, but hell….the economy is rebounding because of our savior Obama, and that’s good enough for you! Or is it?

The reality is this….

YOU are not prepared and you trust this government. Simple as simple does.

And here you can read… the rest of the story. …..

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