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What?! FBI weblinks promote Ayers, Peltier

July 15, 2010
Bob Unruh

The website for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is assigned to protect the United States and enforce its laws, links to sites that laud the work of unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and promote freedom for convicted agent-killer Leonard Peltier.

The issue was highlighted by researcher and writer Phil Kent, who heads a communications company in a lengthy career that includes a stint as a press secretary to a U.S. senator, years of writing for the Augusta, Ga., Chronicle, the presidency of the American Research Foundation and serving as spokesman for Americans for Immigration Control.

His report was documented by WND, which confirmed that the FBI website page discussing hate crimes lists as a “resource” the Southern Poverty Law Center, a radically liberal organization that according to its own site “is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry … using litigation, education and other forms of advocacy.”

And here you can read… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    July 17, 2010 12:55 pm

    This is my opinion: The FBI should not have a Website or any medium that might give the appearance the FBI has a favored alliance with any organization, e.g. the Southern Poverty Law Center. Americans that do not support the activities of the Southern Poverty Law Center might believe SPLC has influence with the FBI, to have the Agency target for investigation and arrest any American that politically express a view contrary to those of the SPLC. If I am incorrect in this opinion please do not hesitate to correct me. I believe it doubtful the majority of FBI Agents support the Agency’s links to websites that allegedly laud the work of unrepentant Bill Ayers or promote freedom for convicted agent-killer Leonard Peltier. I would be willing to bet many FBI Agents lost their lunch after they read those links via their FBI Website and now wonder, how long will this absurdity last.

    I believe that Obama today were to declare a state of emergency that resulted in government picking up controversial Americans to be detained, I doubt that would include Bill Ayers and other Weatherman at large.

    I believe SPLC exasperated domestic terrorists concerns in America suing certain organizations and leaders during the 1990’ through approx. 2000 because some alleged extremist organizations before being sued by SPLC appeared to operate more openly than they do today and the suits drove members underground, fragmenting members into more groups, making it difficult for government to track them. And while SPLC suits did put some alleged extremist groups out of business, they may have inspired smarter, more intelligent organizations to develop and operate within the law, utilizing the Internet and other mediums to gain public support. I would be willing to wager some of SPLC’s suits critically blew it, that SPLC is approaching its final days as a viable anything. A large percentage of Americans are moving to the right; I believe many Patriot Americans believe SPLC is against them, perhaps for no other reason than because they are Patriots. And that will culminate in massive opposition to SPLC. Again that is my opinion.

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