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A Lawless Regime of Unlimited Government

July 15, 2010
Jacob G. Hornberger

U.S. officials are denying claims by Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, that CIA operatives kidnapped him, secretly transported him to the United States, tortured him, and kept him incarcerated for more than a year. The officials are saying that Amiri voluntarily defected to the United States and was paid some $5 million to provide information about Iran’s nuclear program, allegations that Amiri denies but ones that U.S. officials surely know would get him into hot water in Iran.

It’s a classic case of: Who are you going to believe — good, upstanding public officials of the U.S. government who are fighting to keep us safe or a citizen of a country belonging to what U.S. officials claim is an axis of evil.

There are one two big problems, however: One, U.S. officials are known liars, especially when it comes to matters that pertain to national security, and, two, Amiri’s claims are totally consistent with the modus operandi of the CIA.

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    July 18, 2010 1:03 pm

    This is my Opinion: It would appear the author of this article doesn’t care for the CIA, using words like supremacy and arrogance to describe CIA officials. I believe in fairness to the CIA, the author should have included additional information. For Example, while the author admonished the CIA Coup in Iran during 1950’s that ousted the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh—to reinstall the Shaw, the author didn’t mention the involvement of the Communist Tudeh Party and other Communists in Iran had succeeded in getting the Persian parliament to nationalize British-owned oil industries in a situation, known as the Abadan Crisis. Imagine how the communists could have used Iran’s oil revenues to further its global cause during the Cold War against the United States. The CIA with the support of British MI6 (Operation Ajax) brilliantly used black propaganda to turn the Persian population against Persian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq to cause his removal. It was estimated the coup cost a mere $75,000. CIA Black propaganda included CIA agents spreading false rumors about the Prime Minister in coffee shops and other places, and then confirming those rumors with radio broadcasts and through other mediums. The Persian population did little to resist the Shaw returning to run things. The British got to keep their oil industry investments. Those were the good old days when a coup did not cost billions.

    In 1957 the Shaw ended martial law after 16 years. Iran got closer to the West and joined the Bagdad Pact and received from the U.S. military and economic aid. Subsequently in 1961, Iran initiated a series of economic, social, agrarian and administrative reforms to modernize the country that became known as the Shah’s White Revolution. The communists were suppressed.

    The author questions CIA’s denial that they never kidnapped Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, that Amiri voluntarily defected to the United States and was paid some $5 million to provide information about Iran’s nuclear program.

    Lets assume the CIA did kidnap Shahram Amiri with the goal of getting information to save American lives that would be lost if an Iranian nuclear weapon were detonated in the U.S., considering that, how many Americans care if this Iranian were kidnapped? Iran President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map and threatened to harm the United States. Once Iran has nuclear weapons, Iran will be in a position to subordinate America, subordinate our lives, forcing Americans to accept the fact Iran President Ahmadinejad could any day, arm terrorists with large or small nukes (dirty bombs) to threaten, blackmail or attack U.S cities; launch from any ship a nuclear warhead to target a major U.S. City. Is there one reason to believe Iran won’t do that? Are Americans supposed to sit back and do nothing?

    If the author did a poll, the author might be surprised to find that the majority of Americans might endorse the CIA grabbing persons off the street that appear connected to or work with a government that supports international terrorism and has threatened to harm U.S. Citizens. If Iran directly or indirectly caused a nuclear bomb to be detonated in America, U.S. Citizens will be screaming, “Why didn’t the CIA stop this.” America is at war with terrorists that have no rules, likewise the CIA can have no rules if they hope to prevent America from being attacked by nuclear terrorists and rogue states as Iran.

  2. July 15, 2010 4:07 pm

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