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Campaign Cash strapped Dem Senators go to ground in Canada

July 13, 2010
Judi McLeod

American Democrats, driven desperate by the Tea Party Movement’s apparent hold over looming mid-term elections, have found a new place to run to and a new, offshore treasure trove of well-heeled supporters.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, known as “Vansterdam” due to its lax law enforcement of marijuana usage, proliferation of marijuana grow-ops and large drug traffic, is the new place to run to. Trial lawyers with the “Committee for a Better Future” offer Dems a new treasure trove for campaign cash in America’s hard recessionary times.

Message to We the People: If your Dem candidate is missing during these long languid summer afternoons, he or she is most likely having a fundraiser in Vansterdam.

That’s where the Rush Limbaugh-nicknamed “Dingy Harry” was last night.

That means that Reid was offshore looking for money one day after President Barack Obama failed to raise campaign cash for him only the night before in Nevada.

The story continues …..

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