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Arizona immigration law an issue in Florida’s GOP governor’s race

July 12, 2010
Tampa Bay Online

The Obama administration’s attempt last week to kill Arizona’s tough new immigration law had both of Florida’s GOP candidates for governor racing to upstage one other’s support for tough enforcement.

There was Attorney General Bill McCollum, who wrote to Gov. Charlie Crist asking that state agencies, and if possible, state contractors, use E-Verify, an Internet-based system to confirm the legal status of all employees.

“Having been involved with the immigration issue for a long time, it seems to me that the key to all this, to making it work, is to enforce the sanctions against employers who hire illegal aliens,” McCollum, a former congressman, said Wednesday.

But Rick Scott billed it as McCollum’s latest “Me, Too” moment on immigration, since Scott had called the prior week for all employers in the state to use E-Verify.

Both candidates slammed the federal government for failing to secure the border and then thwarting Arizona’s efforts for responding to the problem.

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