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The Cold War — Part IV: Johnson Brings the Cold War Home

July 8, 2010
Charles G. Mills

When President John Kennedy was killed by a communist, Lyndon Johnson became President. Growing dissatisfaction with our gradual losses to the Soviets led to the 1964 Republican nomination of Senator Barry Goldwater, a man firmly committed to victory in the Cold War.

Johnson waged one of the most dishonest and vicious campaigns in American history. His massive propaganda campaign sought to persuade Americans that Goldwater would expand the war in Vietnam and even destroy the world in an unlimited nuclear war.

After his reelection, Johnson quickly realized that Kennedy’s dream of victory in Vietnam without committing American troops was unrealizable. Shortly before Johnson’s inauguration, Kennedy made the disastrous mistake of involving the United States in the murder of Vietnamese President Diem and his brother. This changed America’s role from protector of self-determination for South Vietnam to meddler in the nation’s internal affairs.

The story continues here …..

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