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Was economic collapse a planned power grab?

June 2, 2010
Drew Zahn

For years, whispers of the secretive organization of world leaders known as the Bilderberg Group were considered fodder for conspiracy theories, but in the wake of massive economic upheaval, Europe’s mainstream has joined the clamoring to find out what kind of financial wizardry has been going on behind the Bilderberg curtain.

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    June 2, 2010 3:34 pm

    Lets assume for the moment a “powerful group of wealthy people” has planned the economic collapse of the United States. This “powerful group” would foresee that once an economic collapse got going, they might be powerless to reverse it.

    Imagine millions of California residents after an economic collapse not being able to pay their rent, mortgage; or buy food—and money might be worthless. U.S. Government would have to send troops into large cities to keep order, militarize civilian police and establish tent-cities for the unruly and homeless. Constitutional Protections would be suspended; most retirement accounts worthless; little government money if any would be available for Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. However, the fact is the entire U.S. Army and all of America’s police are too small in number to contain a United States Population if anarchy follows an economic collapse. In that case, how would this “Powerful Group” of perpetrators that caused this mess realize any benefit when they couldn’t walk down a street or drive someplace safe from mob attack? The small number of U.S. Government internment camps could not contain millions of unruly and dangerous people. It would appear the only way this alleged “Powerful Group” could take control of America, would be to terminate the lives of millions of Americans that a collapsed U.S. Economy could not support. That termination could be indirect, waiting for millions to die of starvation and disease and/or direct where government forces used lethal means to reduce the population. Perhaps I have overlooked other solutions. Can you think of any?

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